The Service Desk for Machine Translation provides user support and answers questions related to the connection (including the API integration) and usage of the eTranslation service. The goal of the Service Desk for Machine Translation is to act as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to address questions, incidents and requests reported by the users.


The service is monitored between 0830 and 1730 CET on Commission working days. A reply will be provided as soon as possible, which would normally mean within one working day.

Target Users
  • Users of CEF eTranslation web user interface
  • Users of CEF eTranslation API
User Benefits

The Service Desk for Machine Translation has been designed to generate a list of benefits to the users of the service:

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Onboarding of new users
  • Troubleshooting
  • Transmission of technical issues to the Machine Translation Technical team
  • Providing support and information to users on the use of the service in general
  • Benefit from a useful and reliable knowledge base that helps solving issues efficiently

Get Started with the service

: Free of charge until at least 2020


Interaction Language: English (Latin)

Access the service

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