Welcome to the Catalogue of CEF eTranslation Services.

Multilingualism has become an essential part of our lives, which is why enabling seamless cross-border communication has never been more important. Therefore, the catalogue of services includes a wide range of tools and services which aim to help you overcome language barriers and to support your multilingual needs. Browse through our catalogue, explore the language tools (LT) and services offered by CEF eTranslation and discover other potentially useful third-party services* which can facilitate your multilingual operations.

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As the LT industry is growing rapidly, it cannot be guaranteed that all service providers are already listed in the catalogue. If you are offering mature tools and/or services for processing European languages, but you are not listed yet, please contact DGT-ETRANSLATION-ADVISORY[at]ec.europa.eu and help the CEF AT Tools and Services team extend the collection.

*Important note: The list of third-party services is only informative and not exhaustive. The European Commission bears no responsibility for the third-party services listed in this catalogue. The descriptions of third-party services are based on publicly available information on the providers’ websites at the time of recording the services. CEF AT Tools and Services does not guarantee that the descriptions are complete and up to date.