LumenVox Text to Speech

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The LumenVox TTS Server provides Text-to-Speech synthesis, turning written text into spoken speech. This technology allows any computer or IVR application to convey information to a user providing an accurate and affordable means of speech enabling your telephony platform or software application. Some common uses include telephone systems, automotive applications, and programs to assist the disabled. It is particularly useful when reading dynamic data that cannot be pre-recorded, such as reading live text from the Web or a street address from a database. 

Language Coverage
English (Latin), French (Latin), Spanish; Castilian (Latin), Danish (Latin), Dutch; Flemish (Latin), Portuguese (Latin), Icelandic (Latin), Italian (Latin), Norwegian (Latin), Polish (Latin), Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan (Latin), Russian (Cyrillic), German (Latin), Swedish (Latin), Turkish (Latin), Welsh (Latin)

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