Latvian state administration language technology platform is a Latvian state administration language technology platform that is freely accessible to every resident of Latvia. It provides automatic translation, speech recognition and speech synthesis, as well as a range of tools for supporting multilingual features in e-services. is customized to the Latvian language and state administration documents, thus, its translation quality is much higher than in other online translation services. Furthermore, users of can enjoy the services of the translation assistant for more convenient translation. can be integrated into all state administration platforms and homepages to facilitate multi-lingual access to e-administration data and e-services. Please contact the Culture Information Systems Center that maintains the site about API integration options.


  • Translates text, documents, and websites
  • Customized to the Latvian language
  • Adapted to state administration documents
  • The translation is secure, as no data is transferred to third parties.

Language Coverage
English (Latin), Latvian (Latin), Russian (Cyrillic)

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Interaction Language: English (Latin), Latvian (Latin), Russian (Cyrillic)

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