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Function: Translation

Apptek offers machine translation technology, including neural network-based translation across multiple languages with models trained on large amounts of public and proprietary data, covering a wide range of data types and domains. It also offers customized solutions for domain adaptation to customer translation memory data. Additionally, multilingual translation models are being developed that leverage language similarity to improve translation quality for low-resource languages (for example, the AppTek's single multilingual translation model translates from and into 12 Slavic languages). The system can also handle code switching within sentences, such as a sentence written in a mix of Ukrainian and Russian. 

AppTek’s neural machine translation from written or spoken text can be delivered in real-time via API or via batch for large text translations. NMT models can be deployed on-premise for private storage or in the cloud for simple SaaS-enabled processing.

Language Coverage
Arabic , Chinese , Bosnian , Hebrew , Dutch; Flemish , English , Hindi , Japanese (family) , French , German , Korean , Ukrainian , Italian , Pushto; Pashto , Persian , Portuguese , Spanish; Castilian , Turkish , Urdu , Russian , Bulgarian , Croatian , Czech , Danish , Parsi-Dari , Estonian , Finnish , Hungarian , Modern Greek (1453-) , Norwegian , Macedonian , Polish , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Serbian , Slovak , Slovenian , Swedish

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