The basic offer of GEOLSemantics is made by two modules namely :

GEOL Linguistic Analyser

The objective of this module is to identify and to normalize the relevant information. This goal is achieved by proceeding to a morphosyntactic analysis followed by a deep syntactic analysis. These analyses allow in particular to raise the ambiguities, to assimilate synonyms, etc. GEOL Linguistic Analyzer identifies named Entities such as the names of people, organizations or companies, places, quantities, distances, values, dates. It is also possible to extract named Entities appropriate to certain domains, for example in the medical, the legal. 

GEOL Knowledge

The objective of this module is:

  • to resolve ambiguities in the roles of named Entities. 

  • to structure the results of GEOL Linguistic Analyzer. This structuring articulates the information by taking into account roles, relations between information, time etc., so as to answer the questions: WHO? WHEN? WHAT? WHERE? HOW? HOW MUCH?

The basic offer is enriched by two complementary modules:

  • GEOL Transliterator returns various spellings or phonetic forms to a normalized form. 
  • GEOL Terminology Extractor produces terminological lexicons of a corpus of texts such as legal, technical, economic texts, etc.


  • Multisource: the information to be analyzed can be stemming from highly varied types of contents and can result from diversified sources such as Web, Word documents, pdf, transcriptions of speeches, e-mails, etc.
  • Multilingual: the level of treatments in each of the supported languages is similar
  • Interlanguage: the technologies of GEOLSemantics allow to present, in the user’s language, the results of the analyses of documents written in various languages

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