360Match is a SaaS service for searching, parsing and matching text data. It is used in HR for matching jobs to candidates. It can also be used in the following fields:

  • Research: Through parsing and text mining, theMatchBox can unlock hidden data and ensure that all data can be shared within your research teams and partners. 
  • Legal domain: TheMatchBox' automatic legal analysis and search solution assists you to search through and analyze big bulks of law, case law, doctrine and other legal documentation.
  • Software companies: theMatchBox is an API first back-end application that can be plugged into any business processes that require transforming unstructured texts into structured data. Data cleansing, Normalisation, Correction, Pattern matching.
  • Contact Centers: TheMatchBox can help to structure all this textual data from different channels (whatsapp, email, chat, calls) and detect trends and the mood of your customers automatically. 


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