InDigital Automatic Transcription System

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The Automatic Transcription System has been developed for text control and configuration in the medical and legal domains. Some of the system features include: 

  • Specialized vocabulary – Automatic error correction in context.
  • Text formatting with audio commands (e.g. paragraph, dot, parenthesis, etc.)
  • Automatic vocabulary training with the ability to convert corrected text so that the same mistakes are not repeated again.
  • Continuous training of the speech recognition engine by company engineers
  • Implementation of a system of managing specific concepts (eg foreign words, collisions, units of measurement, etc.)
  • System Security: Data is encrypted and allowed to be used by registered users only. No data needs to be stored on InDigital servers.
  • Each user is uniquely identified by the system (authentication) and many users can use the system.
  • The website and application supports Unicode, meaning that the content can be in many languages (Greek, English, etc.)
  • Can be used through a mobile phone

Language Coverage
Modern Greek (1453-) , English

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