ActivaTM is a server-based translation memory system, based on elastic search technologies. 

It can create a server version of all your translation memories and bilingual language assets, no matter what Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool you use. You can install ActivaTM on your own server or in the cloud as a SaaS, populate it with all your own translation memories and public ones and leverage full and subsegment matches. 

ActivaTM is developed mainly in Python. It is based on ElasticSearch (for storage and full-text TM queries) and Apache Spark (for parallel computations). It has a full-featured REST API so you can open it up immediately to all your freelance or in-house translators. 


  • Fast TM queries
  • Reverse language pairs (an English-Arabic translation generates Arabic into English entries, too)
  • Import/export of TMX files
  • Extensive TM filtering capabilities (for export and queries) by languages, domains, organizations, industry, creation date etc.
  • Built-in new language pair generation using pivot language (for example, French -> Spanish and French -> English will generate Spanish into and out of English)
  • Flexible, customizable fuzzy match (using various regex patterns and linguistic features).
  • XML tags handling (including deep learning model for accurate transferring of XML tags)
  • Supports output mode for Moses for easy integration in Machine Translation flow
  • Compatible with SDL Trados Studio via dedicated plugin (including manual update of translation units)
  • Pretranslation of segments when only one or two items differ (words, dates, etc.)
  • Built-in TM content analysis & maintenance: clean “dirty” segments, create new segments by splitting existing ones based on linguistic rules and POS tagging
  • Advanced user scope management by limiting access to certain language pairs, domains and queries amount

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