Factmata Moderation is a service that helps publishers and brands avoid suspicious and harmful content. It moderates a Blacklist of thousands of Hateful, Propagandist, Deceptive and Fake News domains.

Factmata AI makes decisions based on the live content of each website, with no editorial influence. All results are quality checked by humans.

  • The Factmata blacklist contains over 10,000 domains.
  • Domains are labelled as: Hateful Hyperpartisan Toxic Fake news
  • There is also a Fake News Blacklist of around 1,500 domains from the Factmata fact checking partners.
  • The Factmata scoring system not only classifies content based on its source or language, but also offers a contextual understanding of what it might mean.
  • How biased is it? Does it contain harmful language? Does it look deceptive?
  • A simple API call, or integration with the Factmata Batch interface, returns a response indicating scores for each signal we provide.

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Helpdesk: business@factmata.com