AI Transfy

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Tencent Cloud Europe B.V.

AI Transfy (AIT) is a subtitling solution covering the entire process of subtitling, including audio and video transcription, translation, editing and compression. It integrates the following modules:

  • Machine Translation: It supports real-time two-way translations between more than 120 languages.
  • Speech Recognition Subtitles: Spoken lines in audio and video tracks are transcribed using Tencent's powerful speech recognition technology. The transcription engine filters out background noises to ensure the accuracy of speech recognition.
  • Efficient Subtitle Editing: AI is used to identify the timing and generate timestamps. 
  • Subtitle Compression & Export: The subtitle compression function adds subtitles to videos with a click of the mouse. The videos can then be exported to MP4, MKV or other commonly used formats.
  • Human Translation: Tencent's international translation team provides transcription, translation, proofreading and other professional services in multiple languages pairs.
  • Real-time Subtitles: Audio/video subtitles for online courses, live media and other streaming media are generated in real time via transcription and translation. Summarized notes can also be generated to highlight key points.

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Documentation: AIT Documentation Overview