Health Discovery is a text mining and machine learning platform for analyzing large amounts of patient data.

With Health Discovery, medical documents can be analyzed and searched for diagnoses, symptoms, prescriptions, special findings and other criteria. Heterogeneous patient data in a structured and unstructured form are harmonized, the content analyzed using text mining and natural language processing and made searchable using a uniform interface.

Health Discovery understands the world of medical terminology in different languages. 50+ different NLP annotators are offered that can be used out-of-the-box to extract various medical facts such as diagnoses, medication, laboratory values, etc.

Health Discovery enables meaningful predictions about diagnoses and therapy courses. Supported by natural language processing, patient cohorts can be compiled with just a few clicks of the mouse – be it for feasibility studies and patient recruitment for clinical studies, for diagnostic support for rare diseases or to support medical coding specialists in medical billing.

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