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The TAUS Data Cloud is a repository platform for sharing, pooling and leveraging translation data.

It contains tens of billions of words in multiple translation directions, 17 well-defined industry domains, 9 content types and from multiple data sources, mainly coming from TAUS members uploads.

Data Cloud translation data sets are human translations coming from:

  • Industry-shared TMs or individual TMs, contributed by TAUS users and members, but also freelance translators and language technology professionals

  • Public data made available to the community by large international and intergovernmental organisations (e.g. European Union institutions, United Nations, etc.)

  • Parallel data sets generated, processed, curated and/or improved by companies or academic institutions from:

    • Existing available public parallel data sets

    • Multilingual public sector websites

    • Multilingual websites that allow free use and reuse of their content


The TAUS Data Cloud offers the following data features:

  • Search: users can search for translations of strings (words, phrases, segments) in different translation directions and industry domains.
  • Upload: users can upload translation data in TMX format. 
  • Discover & Download: users can discover, browse, view samples and download data sets (in TMX format) with the selected features. 

Access to features depends on the membership plan.

Target Users
  • Enterprises
  • Language Services Provider
  • Technology providers
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