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904Labs A.I. for Search is a Software-as-a-Service search engine built on A.I. that transforms e-shops'​ current search engines into self-learning revenue machines. Its components are:

  • 904Rank understands natural language. It deals with plurals and it figures out adjectives and diminutives to improve search results.It extracts synonyms from your visitors' search behavior to enhance product search. 904Rank and our other features are data-driven. This allows us to support any language you might have in your e-shop. Currently, we run on Dutch, German, French, and English sites. 
  • 904Sense understands what your visitors really want and informs 904Rank about these intents. 904Sense improves conversion rate by more than 15%. 904Sense monitors your visitors' search patterns to learn intent trends. It tracks which product attributes are most useful and makes a rough selection of products. In the background, 904Sense is bootstrapping a knowledge graph from your inventory and keeping the knowledge graph up-to-date using visitors' search behavior. It is the first commercial system that bootstraps custom knowledge graphs directly from your inventory.
  • 904Browse combines sorting alphabetically, by price, by date and by popularity after learning from visitors. Each product category is different. For shirts, people might be looking for the latest additions, but for smart phones the average rating might be more informative. The ideal product listing differs per category and that is why we learn the optimal listing per category.
  • 904Suggest helps your visitors get to the products they want as quickly as possible. Check a visitor's spelling, finish their query as they type, and make good suggestions for products and categories. 
  • 904Personalize allows A.I. for Search to promote products that are relevant to a known visitor, or to the customer segment to which she belongs. Personalization is complex. Visitors have particular interests that influence product rankings; a traveller expects different results for "Java" than a programmer. But visitors also have specific needs or preferences that are product specific; a visitor might be into the fanciest, latest, and most expensive gadgets, but at the same time not care one iota about clothing. 904Personalize captures personalization at all levels and informs 904Rank about which products to promote.
  • 904Analyze real-time search dashboards are beneficial to you, as e-shop owner, marketeer, and search analyst. Only few e-shops have access to their search statistics. You can immediately see which queries had zero results, or which queries do not convert. Information upon which you can act! Search queries are the most explicit feedback you get from visitors. 

Language Coverage
Dutch; Flemish (Latin), German (Latin), French (Latin), English (Latin)

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