Accelerated Text

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Accelerated Text is a “data to text” natural language generation tool which allows you to define data descriptions and then generates multiple versions of those descriptions varying in wording and structure. It can work with much of your data:

  • Business metrics
  • Customer interaction data
  • Product attributes
  • Financial metrics

You can generate text for your business reports, your e-commerce platform, or your customer support system.

Via its user interface it provides instruments to define how the data should be translated into descriptive text. This description - a document plan - is executed by its natural language generation engine to produce texts that vary in structure and wording but are always and only about the data provided.

The source code is available free of charge. For proprietary versions, contact the provider.  


  • Document plan editor to define what needs to be said about the data.
  • Data samples can be uploaded as CSV files to be used when building Document Plans.
  • Text structure variations to provide richer reading experience going beyond rigid template generated text.
  • Vocabulary control to match the language style of each of your reader groups.
  • Build-in rule engine to allow the control of what is said based on the different values of data points.
  • Live preview to see variations of generated text.

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