Health Language Clinical Natural Language Processing

Provided by:
Wolters Kluwer N.V.

Our robust API-enabled solution Health Language Clinical Natural Language Processing is an NLP solution for processing unstructured medical records to support risk adjustment, quality measures, determine medical necessity and other data quality initiatives. It extracts meaningful and relevant clinical information from unstructured data found in a variety of patient medical records, such as labs, medication lists, physician notes, and radiology reports. It can thus be used for:

  • Risk Adjustment: Accelerate manual workflows by highlighting clinical concepts that qualify as a complicating condition to more accurately characterize the risk of a patient, potentially influencing reimbursement in value-based payment models.
  • Quality Measure Reporting: Unlock data trapped in the patient record as unstructured text to provide a more accurate picture of a patient’s health status to identify potential gaps in care, or documentation that could impact quality measure scores.
  • Medical Necessity Review: Automate patient record review to identify relevant clinical information needed to determine appropriate coverage of prescribed therapy.
  • Predictive Analytics: Extract and normalize data locked in unstructured text to empower predictive analytics and machine learning models with the most clinically accurate representation of data needed to appropriately assess dimensions of care and cost.

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