The ELRC-SHARE repository is used for documenting, storing, browsing and accessing Language Resources that are collected through the European Language Resource Coordination and considered useful for feeding the CEF Automated Translation (CEF AT) platform.


  • based on, adapting and extending the META-SHARE repository software
  • module for storing LRs and metadata
  • user management module
  • notification mechanisms
  • eDelivery channel for secure data transfer
  • export and link to EU Open Data Portal

Language Coverage
Bulgarian (Cyrillic), Czech (Latin), Croatian (Latin), Danish (Latin), Dutch; Flemish (Latin), English (Latin), Estonian (Latin), Finnish (Latin), French (Latin), German (Latin), Hungarian (Latin), Irish (Latin), Italian (Latin), Latvian (Latin), Lithuanian (Latin), Maltese (Latin), Modern Greek (1453-) (Greek), Polish (Latin), Portuguese (Latin), Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan (Latin), Slovak (Latin), Slovenian (Latin), Spanish; Castilian (Latin), Swedish (Latin), Norwegian (Latin), Icelandic (Latin)

Target Users
  • Data owners and contributors

    anyone wishing to share language resources with the EC for enhancing the eTranslation platform. Specifically, data contributors can be: a) any owner of language data, especially public organisations across Europe b) ELRC-Data (LOT3) partners c) CEF generic services projects

  • Metadata editors

    ELRC members and CEF generic services projects representatives

  • European Commission, Directorate General for Translation
  • The general public
User Benefits

  • For data owners and contributors: basic functionalities for registering/login and contributing language resources through a simple web form. A detailed walkthrough for data owners and contributors is available here
  • For metadata editors (ELRC members): a user-friendly metadata editing environment for the description of resources. A detailed walkthrough for metadata editors is available here
  • For the general public: browsing, simple and faceted search of the resources inventory
  • For EC members: a single point of storing, managing and monitoring language resources coming from the CEF-affiliated countries public bodies

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Interaction Language: English (Latin)

Documentation: The ELRC-SHARE documentation schema

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