Flyscribe is a cloud-based automatic transcription service that lets professionals create text files from recorded speech. It can be used by a wide variety of professionals working in the transcription of recorded speech from parliamentary sessions and conferences, as well as public administration and business meetings.

Language Coverage
Arabic (Arabic), Danish (Latin), Dutch; Flemish (Latin), English (Latin - Australia), English (Latin - Caribbean), English (Latin - India), English (Latin - Ireland), English (Latin - United Kingdom), English (Latin - United States), Persian (Arabic), French (Latin - Canada), French (Latin - Switzerland), French (Latin), German (Latin), German (Latin - Austria), German (Latin - Switzerland), Modern Greek (1453-) (Greek), Hindi (Devanagari; Nagari), Italian (Latin), Italian (Latin - Switzerland), Portuguese (Latin - Brazil), Portuguese (Latin - Portugal), Russian (Cyrillic), Spanish; Castilian (Latin), Spanish; Castilian (Latin - Colombia), Swedish (Latin), Turkish (Latin), Urdu (Arabic)

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