Event Registry is a system for real-time collection, annotation and analysis of content published by global news outlets. What can you do with Event Registry?

  • Monitor world events in real time
  • Search for news articles and events
  • Learn about individual events
  • Create personalised topic feeds
  • Explore news bias
  • Analyse information diffusion and plagiarism
  • Track trends
  • See overview of scheduled events

Event Registry collects and processes articles from more than 100,000 news sources globally in 10+ languages. It identifies and disambiguates the people, locations, organisations, dates and topics mentioned and it retrieves relevant articles in other languages. By analysing large numbers of news articles, it identifies events (any significant happening in the world that is reported on by a number of news outlets) mentioned in them. For each event, information about what happened, where, when, who was involved, etc. is extracted. Event Registry also provides methods for automatic identification of related events.

Language Coverage
English , Spanish; Castilian , Catalan; Valencian , French , German , Portuguese , Slovenian , Italian , Croatian , Serbian , Czech , Slovak , Basque , Polish , Hungarian , Dutch; Flemish , Swedish , Finnish , Danish , Modern Greek (1453-) , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Bulgarian , Russian , Arabic , Turkish , Indonesian , Vietnamese , Chinese , Ukrainian , Persian , Hindi , Urdu , Kannada , Bengali; Bangla , Malayalam , Marathi , Tamil , Panjabi; Punjabi , Gujarati

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