Contract Intelligence uses patented Natural Language Understanding technology to understand the meaning of whole sentences, paragraphs and provisions. This technology provides the capability to accurately extract and classify information in contracts. Other solutions using traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP), based mainly on keywords and statistics, have limitations that impact performance when processing more demanding extractions, classifications and interpretation of clauses. Contract Intelligence can extract and classify relevant information from large quantities of documents quickly and at a precision level that is difficult to achieve at scale with manual labor or with other contract analysis solutions. The extraction results can be used by business intelligence tools to look for risk exposure, trends and other business insights.


  • Automated data extraction from contracts
  • 80% reduction in manual review and data extraction time
  • Significant reduction in contract-processing costs
  • Combination of supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Learning driven by subject-matter experts
  • Easy integration through a REST API
  • Works in English, German and Spanish (other languages can be added on request)

Language Coverage
English (Latin), German (Latin), Spanish; Castilian (Latin)

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