Phonexia Speech Analytics provides a solution for cases where you need to analyze speech automatically based on either a speech-to-text transcription or much faster acoustic-based keyword spotting. The technology can be used either in real time or for the analysis of already existing recordings. Speech Analytics is typically used for call monitoring and analytical purposes in call centers, searching in extremely large audio archives, and as a voice interface for chatbots, voice assistants, voice-controlled IoT devices, and Industry 4.0 voice commands.

Furthermore, with its Language Identification capabilities, Phonexia Speech Analytics can accurately recognize the language and dialect of a speaker, currently offering more than 60 languages depending on the use case (e.g., a Language Identification vs. Keyword Spotting vs. Speech Transcription). Its Language Identification ability can be extended with another language easily by training using as few as five hours of recordings in that language.


Phonexia Speech Analytics can also identify a speaker’s gender and age, which can be used to segment speakers automatically or search through massive amounts of audio recordings extremely fast.


Phonexia Speech Analytics supports integrations via a REST API and command-line interfaces, running on Windows 64-bit or Linux 64-bit operating systems.

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