Media Studio is a platform for the creation of subtitles from screenplay and media files as well as for translating subtitle content using a custom subtitle machine translation workflow. 


Language pairs supported: more than 550 direct language pairs covering European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages. Check the full list of language pairs here.

Language Coverage
Bulgarian (Cyrillic), Czech (Latin), Danish (Latin), Dutch; Flemish (Latin), English (Latin), Estonian (Latin), Finnish (Latin), French (Latin), German (Latin), Hungarian (Latin), Irish (Latin), Italian (Latin), Latvian (Latin), Lithuanian (Latin), Maltese (Latin), Modern Greek (1453-) (Greek), Polish (Latin), Portuguese (Latin), Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan (Latin), Slovak (Latin), Slovenian (Latin), Spanish; Castilian (Latin), Swedish (Latin), Norwegian (Latin), Arabic (Arabic), Bengali; Bangla (Bengali; Bangla), Burmese (Myanmar; Burmese), Chinese , Persian (Arabic), Gujarati (Gujarati), Hebrew (Hebrew), Hindi (Devanagari; Nagari), Japanese (Japanese (alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana)), Korean (Korean (alias for Hangul + Han)), Nepali (macrolanguage) (Devanagari; Nagari), Panjabi; Punjabi (Gurmukhi), Russian (Cyrillic), Swahili (macrolanguage) (Latin), Tagalog (Latin), Tamil (Tamil), Thai (Thai), Turkish (Latin), Urdu (Arabic), Vietnamese (Latin)
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