Bakamo has developed an approach to social media research that combines technology and human intelligence, to find meaning in the millions of conversations that take place online every day. It works across markets, languages and industries.

It is offered through the following products:

  • Social Mirror: Mirror is light-weight and fast turn-around product, providing agencies, insight professionals and strategists with access to raw qualitative data. It is the perfect springboard to research or communication projects.
  • Persona Landscape: Acquires a deep understanding of the audience segments by shedding light on people’s needs, motivations, language and behaviour. Persona analysis leverages the self-reflexivity of social media communication to discern need-states.
  • Narrative Landscape: Explores the triggers, topics and themes of a people’s conversation around any issue, category or brand to deliver the narrative content and frames defining people’s perceptions, attitudes, needs and journeys.
  • Inspiration Highway: a range of retained insight and reporting services to guide our clients with consultancy beyond the insights for strategic communication challenges.

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