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AlphaBlues is automating customer experience through chat for the enterprise. A proprietary in-house developed NLP engine and virtual assistant platform (AlphaAI) is bundled with a live chat product for human agents (AlphaChat). This enables to fully automate customer journey into one flow - from website visit with a virtual assistant to a chat with a human agent. The GDPR-compliant solution enables building voice operated virtual assistants. The GDPR-compliant solution enables building voice operated virtual assistants.

Some of its main features are:

  • Pre-trained domain specific models. Conversation Builder: Create intents and multi-dialogue. Easy to use interface with no programming skills required. API available.
  • Authentication built into Virtual Assistants. Sales automation: Personal info for users with authentication. Personalized sales offers to users. Integration with ecommerce product feeds.
  • Detailed Analytics. GDPR compliant: Learn what customers say, detect patterns, measure & improve performance. Comply with regulation.
  • Automated Chatbot Training: AI learns automatically by observing human agents answer customer queries. 
  • Agent Assist Co-Pilot Mode: AI gives real time suggested answers to your agents in live chat. 
  • All Standard Chat Features: Agent accounts, ticketing system, team grouping, abandonment rates, ratings, response time measurement.

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