*This service has been discontinued.*

The processing of language resources is a complex, time-consuming activity. The ELRC consortium includes some of the world's leading experts in language data processing. These experts' professional services are now available to public administrations throughout Europe as part of the ELRC action. Language processing services may include the following:

  • data conversion (e.g., to plain text or XML)
  • tag removal
  • re-formatting
  • data extraction
  • cleaning and alignment
  • meta-data validation
  • anonymisation
  • and more

The above processing services can be offered by the ELRC experts at your premises. A member of the ELRC consortium with special knowledge of the particular language processing issue will travel to meet representatives of your organization on-site to provide the required assistance.

Language Coverage
Bulgarian (Cyrillic), Czech (Latin), Croatian (Latin), Danish (Latin), Dutch; Flemish (Latin), English (Latin), Estonian (Latin), Finnish (Latin), French (Latin), German (Latin), Hungarian (Latin), Irish (Latin), Italian (Latin), Latvian (Latin), Lithuanian (Latin), Maltese (Latin), Modern Greek (1453-) (Greek), Polish (Latin), Portuguese (Latin), Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan (Latin), Slovak (Latin), Slovenian (Latin), Spanish; Castilian (Latin), Swedish (Latin), Norwegian (Latin), Icelandic (Latin)

Target Users
  • Public administrations

    Any public body that possesses a considerable amount of language data

User Benefits

  • convert your raw language data into processed datasets ready for re-use in your own processes and/or CAT tools

Get Started with the service

: Free of charge

Access the service

Request - Accessible Through Interface : http://www.lr-coordination.eu/request-onsite-assistance