The ELRC National Anchor Points are individuals who support the data collection process in each of the 30 participating countries. Together they form the Language Resources Board, the governance body of the European Language Resource Coordination effort.

Each country is represented by one technological representative (Technology National Anchor Point) and one representative from the public services administration (Public Services National Anchor Point).

The Technology NAP is a highly regarded language or language technology expert. He or she often has a distinguished academic or research background, or represents a national language institution. The Technology NAPs for all CEF countries and are listed below.

The Public Services NAP is a representative of national public services, public administration or a ministry. He or she acts as a liaison contact person to the national, regional and local administrations, and is able to effectively mobilize and spread the word about the importance of language resources and the ELRC effort among the public authorities/ministries in each country.

User Benefits

The National Anchor Points for data collection have been designed to generate a list of benefits for the users of the service:

  • Supporting the ELRC data collection process in each of the 30 participating countries
  • Liaising with the national, regional and local public administrations
  • Providing support and information to public administrations and to providers of data resources

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