is a knowledge management software, powered by AI, which overcomes the challenge of finding internal files and information. The NLP technology used empowers semantic search in any relevant file type like PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF files. The auto file tagging technology enables to fully automise the process of tagging and managing files. labels thousand of relevant tags per document page; all extracted from the document itself paired with relevant semantic words. 

To get the most out of your data provides you with the following features:

  • Search: Enter a question or keywords in the search box. Answers with the highest accuracy are highlighted in the most relevant document.
  • Connectors: offers connectors for most file hosting services or software programs.
  • Auto Labeling: AI analyzes documents from all shared folders and tags them fully automatically.
  • Continuous Syncs: Stay up to date with daily file synchronisation from all relevant sources.
  • User Permissions: User group specific file and folder access to protect sensitive data.
  • Multi-Language Search: is native in English and German with more languages to come.




Language Coverage
English , German

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