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Eptica Lingway offers a semantic search engine for the Human Resources (HR) domain. The technology relies on a modulated and multilingual semantic dictionary and on grammars for text analysis. It also includes components for documents management, allowing conversion from virtually any format and indexing.

The Eptica Lingway search engine is able to make use of the knowledge bases and monolingual or multilingual dictionaries. It allows you to expand your request using the words inflection, morphological derivation and synonymy or various degrees of words similarity. The search engine also uses heuristics, which are optimised for dealing with compounds word. In addition the search engine offers the possibility to make faceted searches, relying on the documents metadata. Last but not least, an advanced search with more fields of research allows expert users to specify more precise queries, thanks to a combination of Boolean operators and semantic or word for word requests, on various fields of the database. 

The Eptica Lingway search is tailored to Human Resources/recruitment applications. It facilitates targeting the candidates whose profile matches the vacant positions, filling the HR databases and speeding up recruitment processes.

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