Apptek Speech-to-Text

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AppTek's ASR converts speech into text utilizing patent neural network technology for precise transcriptions of audio from a variety of sources and languages. The platform is designed for the full range of natural language conversations, from high quality broadcast content to low bandwidth telephony audio, and across a variety of languages. AppTek’s ASR technology can be tailored through customizing models for your proprietary content or by adapting the ASR for particular subject domains.

It can be delivered in batch or real-time and can be deployed on-premise for private storage or in the cloud for simple SaaS-enabled processing.

Language Coverage
Afrikaans , Chinese , Arabic , Hebrew , Dutch; Flemish , English , Hindi , Japanese (family) , French , German , Korean , Indonesian , Italian , Malay (macrolanguage) , Pushto; Pashto , Persian , Portuguese , Tagalog , Spanish; Castilian , Tamil , Turkish , Urdu , Russian

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