Prompsit Translator

Function: Translation

Free online service for testing the Prompsit translator.

The Prompsit translator is an alternative to Apertium (rule-based translator) for related languages. It is based on two free machine translation platforms: Apertium and Moses.

It translates text snippets, documents, compressed archives and webpages. 

Language Coverage
Spanish; Castilian (Latin), English (Latin), Afrikaans (Latin), Dutch; Flemish (Latin), Aragonese , Catalan; Valencian (Latin), Asturian; Asturleonese; Bable; Leonese , Basque (Latin), Breton , French (Latin), Bulgarian (Cyrillic), Macedonian (Cyrillic), Esperanto (Latin), Occitan (post 1500) , Portuguese (Latin), Danish (Latin), Norwegian Bokmål (Latin), Norwegian Nynorsk (Latin), Galician (Latin), Northern Kurdish , Central Kurdish , Icelandic (Latin), Swedish (Latin), Indonesian (Latin), Malay (macrolanguage) (Latin), Italian (Latin), Sardinian , Kazakh (Cyrillic), Tatar , Maltese (Latin), Arabic (Arabic), Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan (Latin), Serbo-Croatian , Slovenian (Latin), Bosnian (Latin), Croatian (Latin), Portuguese (Latin - Brazil), Welsh (Latin)

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