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Spellchecker for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in English. 

  • Serious spelling mistakes: VeritySpell can correct serious spelling mistakes like inof (enough), citon (kitten) and tri (tree).
  • Confusable words: VeritySpell also helps you handle confusable words like witch–which and their–there–they’re. Thousands of example sentences help you decide whether you have chosen the right spelling in your context or not.
  • Grammar mistakes and incorrect expressions: VeritySpell offers support for grammar and other mistakes that both native speakers of English and others may make when writing in English, for example grammar mistakes like The cats is hungry (The cats are hungry) or incorrect writing of compounds like bicyclehelmet (bicycle helmet).

Oribi's spelling and grammar checker is also available as Oribi Writer for iPad, which additionally uses the iOS Text-to-Speech Synthesis option to read any word or sentence written in Oribi Writer.

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English (Latin)

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