apps4trans are Add-Ons for ABAP-based SAP system content translation. The four components have been designed to support all phases of a system translation project performed in the frame of global roll-outs for custom developments or Add-Ons. apps4trans fill the gap between the special requirements of SAP customers or development partners for system translation and the features of the built-in translation environment SE63. In addition, smaller utilities are also offered so that common issues with SAP SE63 system translation are solved.

  • Object Translation Manager (OTM): OTM enables SAP users to export and import translation packages for system objects. Translation can be performed outside the SAP system using standard Translation Memory applications. 
  • Advanced Translation Statistics (ATS): ATS enables SAP users to get essential statistical information, such as total number of lines or internal repetitions, for system content translation. 
  • Proposal Pool Builder (PPB): PPB enables SAP users to recycle existing translations in the system by creating Proposal Pool entries out of existing system content or from external sources. 
  • Translation Memory Builder (TMB): TMB enables SAP users to create external Translation Memories in TMX format out of existing system content. 

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