EML Transcription and Speech Mining

The EML Transcription Server is the service responsible for the automatic transcription of audio files. It is a highly scalable JEE Application running in an Apache Geronimo application server. The EML Transcription Server is responsible for the automatic deployment of audio files to the registered transcription decoders and for logging of the transcription job status. It is accessed through an XML-over-HTTP interface. The EML Transcription Server can be easily integrated into the SMILA framework by using a plug-in.

The EML Speech Mining server provides the means of analyzing the recognition results obtained by the EML Transcription Server.  Thus it delivers the methods for a number of speech analytics applications, e.g. predefined categories of product lines and topics, statistical analysis of how often a certain expression occurs and advanced keyword spotting as well as text search and phonetic search.

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Documentation: Best Practice Brochure