ErrorSpy is a quality assurance software for translations. Translations are automatically checked for a series of features. The reviser receives a list of errors and can either edit the translation or send the error report to the translator. At the same time ErrorSpy can also evaluate translations. The evaluation is based on metrics from standard SAE J 2450.

ErrorSpy checks bilingual files in various formats such as XLIFF, Transit, TMX and TXT (source language sentence and translation separated by any delimiter). You can correct the translations with the integrated editor. Some errors can be automatically corrected and confirmed by the reviser. A list of corrections that have been made is also available at the touch of a button.


  • Automatic checks:
    • Terminology
    • Typography
    • Consistency
    • Numbers and number formats
    • Completeness
    • Tags
    • Acronyms
  • User-defined checks:
    • Configurable with regular expressions

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