Cutting-edge speech recognizer and text-to-speech engines for Contact-Center overall quality monitoring and client support. Custom and region-aware vocabulary/grammars available in many languages. Simple and quick to integrate in already running workflows.

How speech analytics works (Automatic call steering » big data processing » metadata analytics)

  • IVR/URA: Inbound calls will be answered by the automatic system, which understands the customers need and questions. The IVR steers and qualifies the incoming call and is able to find the correct solution or forward it to a human operator.
  • SPEECH ANALYTICS: Speaker segmentation, operator/client identification and significant call statistics. Unique speakers/hold time and region distribution in call. Audio level, emotions and sentiment analysis. Full textual transcription, business-driven call categorization and timestamped keyword spotting. Category-based call indexation. Capture relevant information for your company by grouping a large diversity of calls and finding the major underling trends. Find the major drivers and reasons why your customers call.
  • QUALITY MONITORING: Analyse every entry and do not be restricted to a small sample or group. Real time Quality Monitoring

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