Oribi Speak is a Text to Speech extension for Google Chrome. It reads out selected text in Google Docs or other text editors as well as selectable text on web pages and in PDF and EPUB files. Oribi Speak can also sound out individual letters and read out words and sentences as you are writing. Some of its features include:

  • Word prediction: The Oribi smart word prediction gives you a unique support with spelling difficulties. If you start typing 'over', suggestions such as 'overall' and 'overview' will be presented.
  • Real-time text highlighting: When Oribi Speak reads your text, the entire sentence is highlighted.
  • Language recognition: The Oribi automatic language recognition can tell which language your text is written in and switches to the correct voice automatically.
  • Word prediction: Oribi Speak comes with a built-in word prediction that helps out with spelling and enables faster writing.
  • OCR tool for reading: Text in pictures is hard to select, but the Oribi OCR tool (Optical Character Recognition) in Oribi Speak will both select and read out text in any picture in Google Chrome.

Oribi Speak offers a broad choice of 19 different languages and over 60 different voices. This makes the program perfect for multilingual people. It can also be useful to help you learn new languages.

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