The eTranslation Social Media Translator is a website that makes it easy to tweet in the EU languages you need to best connect with your audience. With it you can write a tweet in your preferred language and then have in translated. You can then tweet it directly from the interface using your own registered Twitter account. It uses the eTranslation “General Text” engines, which are better for short and sweet comments. The character limit in the original is slightly less than Twitter’s limit to allow for longer translations, along with a statement that the tweet has been machine translated.

Language Coverage
Bulgarian (Cyrillic), Czech (Latin), Croatian (Latin), Danish (Latin), Dutch; Flemish (Latin), English (Latin), Estonian (Latin), Finnish (Latin), French (Latin), German (Latin), Hungarian (Latin), Irish (Latin), Italian (Latin), Latvian (Latin), Lithuanian (Latin), Maltese (Latin), Modern Greek (1453-) (Greek), Polish (Latin), Portuguese (Latin), Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan (Latin), Slovak (Latin), Slovenian (Latin), Spanish; Castilian (Latin), Swedish (Latin), Norwegian (Latin), Icelandic (Latin), Russian (Cyrillic), Chinese , Turkish

Target Users
  • EU institutions

    Officials, mainly translators, working in EU institutions

  • Public administrations

    Officials, mainly translators, working in national public administrations in EU Member States, Iceland and Norway

  • European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
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