What is the Catalogue of CEF eTranslation Services?

The Catalogue of CEF eTranslation Services is a listing of Language Technologies, Tools & Services that can help all CEF eTranslation stakeholders (public administrations, businesses, system developers etc.) overcome language barriers and address multilingual needs. Such services/tools can include, but are not limited to, Language Technology tools or workflows, Machine Translation systems, Computer Aided Translation tools, networks of experts, helpdesk and community support facilities and much more. They can be services/tools that are offered by CEF eTranslation or by third-party providers, free of charge or for a fee.

The Catalogue of services is maintained by the 'Implementation of the "service desk" part of the CEF Automated Translation platform and a programme support action' (CEF-AT-Tools-Services) project. This project is a service contract operating under the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility SMART 2016/0103 programme.

As the LT industry is growing rapidly, it cannot be guaranteed that all service providers are already listed in the catalogue. If you are offering mature tools and/or services for processing European languages, but you are not listed yet, please contact DGT-ETRANSLATION-ADVISORY[at]ec.europa.eu or fill in this form and help the CEF AT Tools and Services team extend the collection.