iHearU is a smartphone app that connects users with their social networking using only voice commands.

iHearU is a hands-free and eyes-free Android app that supports the reading and publishing of Twitter posts and direct messages using only the voice. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition and speech synthesis technology, iHearU enables users to follow, interact with and participate in Twitter conversations without the need to stop continually to read and type tweets. Users simply record their message using their own voice and upload it using easily memorable vocal commands. A built-in sentiment analysis feature (currently in development) enables tweets to be spoken in an appropriate style (e.g. happy, sad) by a text-to-speech system. The app includes domain-adapted machine translation for translating non-English content to English. It also offers personalised search and recommendations on trends and the user’s favourite topics. ‘Learn More’ functionality enables the user to command iHearU to pull information related to particular tweets from Twitter or other sources and to summarise it.

Language Coverage
English (Latin)

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