XUXEN is the app that picks up and corrects any spelling mistakes that may appear in texts written in Basque and is the outcome of collaboration between Elhuyar and the IXA Group of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country. Several versions of this spellchecker are available over the Internet. It can, for example, be used over the Internet at xuxen.eus the text can be entered and corrected directly. Any words that may have spelling mistakes are highlighted and alternatives are suggested from which the user can choose.

What is more, Xuxen can be added to the Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers so that when writing emails, the spelling is automatically corrected. It can also be incorporated into the various office suites: into Microsoft Office and into Libreoffice/Openoffice. There is also a plug-in version for layout programmes like InDesign and QuarkXpress.

An app has also been created for Android and IOS mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets). When writing texts in the text editor, the app provides the option of correcting what has been written.


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Helpdesk: elhuyar@elhuyar.eus

Access the service

Request - Web Service : http://xuxen.eus/eu/home